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12/02/07 SAMSUNG Showcases Mobile WiMAX with Sprint-Nextel 4G Partners
29/01/07 4G phones go on trial run in district
29/01/07 Shanghai’s 4G network goes live
02/10/06 Siemens in First Ever 3G-evolution NGMN Trials
25/09/06 Intel hyping and investing in wireless WiMAX standard all over the globe
15/09/06 Mobile Companies Plot Course to Next Gen Wireless
06/09/06 Nortel's CEO Puts Faith in ‘4G’
03/09/06 Samsung demos 4G wireless capable of 100Mbps
01/09/06 Samsung achieves 4G wireless target
31/08/06 SAMSUNG is Set to Demonstrate 4th Generation Mobile Technology
31/08/06 Samsung demonstrates 4G technology
31/08/06 Future wireless technologies promise blazing speed, but still long off
01/07/06 Industry Groups Forms 4G Mobile Networks Group
30/06/06 Operators form group for 4G service
28/06/06 Korea plans to leap into 4G
28/06/06 Sprint sets sights on 4G
27/06/06 UK: Industry cautious over 4G auctions
21/06/06 Make sure you're ready for 4G
10/04/06 Sprint Nears Decision on 4G
29/03/06 New Technologies Usher in 'Mobile Revolution'
26/03/06 Japan, China, S. Korea to Promote Research on 4G
23/02/06 NTT DoCoMo Achieves World's First 2.5Gbps Packet Transmission in 4G Field Experiment
15/12/05 NICTA, NEC join forces on 4G
12/12/05 New institute eyes 4G and beyond
28/10/05 Motorola staffing 4G wireless center in Austin
18/10/05 Forum to promote future mobile communication
13/08/05 Qualcomm goes 4G with acquisition of Flarion
12/08/05 A Peak At The Wireless Future
11/08/05 TECH TALK: Next-Generation Networks: 3G and 4G (Part 2)
10/08/05 TECH TALK: Next-Generation Networks: 3G and 4G
26/07/05 Motorola Revs Up WiMax Effort To Tackle 4G
14/07/05 4G Mobile Phone Tests Hit 1Gbit/sec
10/07/05 WCDMA rates forcing deployment of tech upgrades sooner than anticipated
05/07/05 Software speeds 4G baseband innovation
23/06/05 DoCoMo achieves 1Gbps transmission in 4G experiment
25/04/05 Customer expectations beyond 3G
16/04/05 Asians driving 4G developments
08/04/05 WiMAX tops list of 4G contenders
02/03/05 Anritsu looks ahead to 4G
22/02/05 Samsung, LG Electronics To Gear Up For Developing 4G Wireless Technology
05/02/05 Samsung's "4G Vision" - SVP Kim Anticipates a 4G Wireless World
17/12/04 4G set to go faster
07/12/04 Siemens has 1 Gbit/sec wireless link
07/12/04 Siemens lab has hit 1Gbps, a new record for wireless transmissions
21/11/04 Standards challenge next-gen cellular design
16/11/04 Fujitsu and Wi-LAN Inch Ahead On WiMAX
15/11/04 Japan: Making 3G Look As Slow As Smoke Signals
15/11/04 Fujitsu, Wi-LAN expect technology to arrive faster than anticipated
21/10/04 Korea, China to develop 4G mobile 'movie' phones
23/09/04 Ericsson: Beyond-3G applications to penetrate global market in 2014
26/08/04 Self-configuring multifunction mobile terminals
25/08/04 Self-configuring multifunction mobile terminals
22/08/04 4G Forum Offers Glimpse of New Telecom Tech
22/08/04 Stop speaking, start snapping: NEC's mission to make the world see in 3G
16/08/04 A next-generation intelligent agent
02/08/04 Singapore: IDA studying potential of 4G mobile technology
02/08/04 Smart Antennas Will (Finally) Pay Off!
29/07/04 Is the need for 4G inevitable?
28/07/04 3G? 4G? WiMAX? 802.20? Do We Need Them All?
27/07/2004 But This One Goes To 3.5G!
27/07/2004 Life After 3G Wireless
15/06/04 Japanese testing 4G mobile services
11/06/04 4G gets more serious
11/06/04 4G to combine WiMax and 3G, says Forrester
07/06/04 4G surpasses DoCoMo expectations
01/06/04 NTT DoCoMo's 4G Test Results in 300Mbps Data Rate in Moving Car
28/05/04 India Leapfrogs to 4G Wireless
10/05/04 Expect 4G telephony in 2012 says Ericsson research head
27/04/04 Touch and smell phone
06/04/04 East Asia jointly to develop cell phone technology
05/04/04 Asian giants work on 4G
03/04/04 Japanese researchers dream of mobile phones that use senses
29/03/04 What's beyond 3G? 3.5G, stupid
29/03/04 India urged to embrace 4G
26/03/04 HSDPA Drives Growth of 3.5G Technologies
08/03/04 NTT DoCoMo, NEC, Fujitsu Jointly Develop Technology for 4G
04/03/04 Glimpse into 4G services to be offered in 2010
03/03/04 A look inside DoCoMo's 4G world
01/03/04 802.16 Application at 4G Speeds
13/02/04 Special Report: 4G race begins - Cynthia Peterson
17/12/03 Never Mind 3G Look Forward To 4G
05/10/03 Is 4G The Future?
29/05/03 Move over 3G: here comes 4G - Economist
17/11/02 Multiple wireless standards will fill the 4G airwaves


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