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7+ years

Phone: +44 (0) 7714 102 096

Acedemic Qualifications:
1997-1999 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B)
Masters in Technology (M.Tech) degree
Specialisation in Communications and Signal Processing
CPI: 9.0/10.0
1994-1997 Bombay University (Mumbai University)
Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree (B.E. Hons)
Specialisation in Electronics
Secured Gold Medal by obtaining 77.4%
(1st Rank in 1000+ Students in same specialisation all over Bombay)
1991-1994 M. H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, Bombay
Diploma in Industrial Electronics (D.I.E.)
73.23%, Distinction

Key Skills
Languages: C, C++, Java, perl, SDL, UML
Operating Systems:
Unix, Linux, Windows
UMTS Other: UMTS Layer 1 (Physical Layer)
Miscellaneous: Cantata, Clearcase, Clearquest

Work Experience
Sep 2005 - Present Altran Tech, UK
Senior Consultant
  • Sep 2005 - Present: I am working in Anritsu as a UMTS Security expert for 3GPP Conformance Test team for debugging and fixing framework code.

Oct 2002 - Sep 2005 Samsung Electronics Research Institute (SERI), UK
Development and Testing of RRC Protocol in Mobile Handset
Senior Telecom Software Engineer - Telecom Software Development Department

SERI is developing complete solution for the 3GPP Release 5 compliant mobile handset. The Project is being developed using Object Oriented C language. The Design has been done using UML, while Testing is being done using Cantata, Python based in-house application and TTCN scripts on Anritsu PTS.

My key responsibilities includes:

  • Team leader for development of RRC Unit Test Harness Test Scripts
  • Complete responsibility of developing and testing RRC Measurements
  • Implementation and testing of UE Capability classes
  • Designed and Tested the Resource Manager class that was responsible for setting up, reconfiguring and tearing down the lower layers.
  • Other tasks included development of Inter Layer Message Processing, Information Element Processing, Configuration Database Management, code reviews, etc.
July 2000 - Oct 2002 Telecom Modus Ltd, UK
Development of Call Processing Software for UMTS RNC
Senior Software Engineer - Development Department

Telecom Modus is a Subsidiary of NEC and is in partnership with SAG (Siemens, Germany). TML was responsible for the design and development of call processing software that has been used in the NEC-SAG RNC. These RNC's are active worldwide in 3's (Hutchison 3G) mobile networks and NTT Docomo's FOMA. To know where this project has been deployed, please click here.

The Project was developed using a combination of SDL and C on Windows NT and Unix Platform. My Responsibilities included:

My Responsibilities included:

  • Designing, Coding and Testing of Iub interface
  • Part of Design team for Coding and Testing Iur Interface
  • Part of Design team for Coding and Testing Iu Interface
  • Part of Design team for Coding and Testing RRC.
  • Team Leader of Bug Fixing Team during Field Testing. I was leading team of 6 members
  • Team Leader of group responsible for documenting Error Scenarios. This included Error scenarios for RRC, RANAP, NBAP, ALCAP, RNSAP. I was leading a team of 6 members.
Feb 1999 - July 2000 SASKEN Communication Technologies Ltd, India
Design and Implementation of UMTS Physical Layer as specified in 3GPP
Software Engineer

SASKEN is one of the leading providers of Mobile Solutions in India. In this project SASKEN developed a complete protocol stack and demonstrated using its own Layer 1 software.

The development was done using C. Each activity included design, Documentation, Coding, Testing and Review. Everything was compliant with ISO 9001. My Responsibilities included of Development of following:

  • RAKE receiver
  • Second InterLeaver and De-InterLeaver
  • Mapping of Transport Channels to Physical Channels and Vice-versa
  • Scrambling and De-Scrambling
  • Spreading and De-Spreading
  • Cell Selection Algorithm
  • Convolutional Coder and Decoder
  • Porting the above on Philips Trimedia Processor
July 1998 - Dec 1998 Masters Thesis
Equalization of Non-Linear channels using Radial Basis Functions and Fuzzy Logic
This was done under supervision of Prof. U. B. Desai of IIT Bombay
Abstract: The speed of transmission over a digital channel is limited due
to the effect of intersymbol interference (ISI). The process of removing ISI from the
received signal is known as equalization. Traditional algorithms like least mean square
(LMS), recursive least square (RLS) and constant modulus algorithm (CMA) have been used
extensively in the past, both practically and for research purpose, but each has its
shortcoming, as all of them do not perform well when the channel is non-linear. To overcome
this, non-linear adaptive equalizers were developed, which would perform better even in
non-stationary and non-linear environment. In this report we investigate this non-linear
adaptive equalizers using radial basis functions (RBF) and Fuzzy Basis Functions for
overcoming the non-linear environment.
Published 2 papers in International Conferences and 3 in National Conferences


  1. "Nonlinear Channel Equalization using Radial Basis Functions", Zahid Ghadialy and U. B. Desai, International Symposium on Neural Computation, NC2000, Germany, May 23-26, 2000.
  2. "Adaptive Filtering using Wavelet Network", Zahid Ghadialy and Satish Jamadagni, International Conference on Communications, Control and Signal Processing, CCSP 2000, IISC Bangalore, India, July 25-28 2000.
  3. "Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy control of Strip Temperature in a hot strip mill Run Out Table", Satish Jamadagni and Zahid Ghadialy, International Conference on Communications, Control and Signal Processing, CCSP 2000, IISC Bangalore, India, July 25-28 2000.
  4. "Adaptive Equalization of Non-Linear channels using Radial Basis Functions", Zahid Ghadialy and U. B. Desai, 6th National Conference on Communications, IIT Delhi, January 2000, pp 61-64.
  5. "Interference Mitigation using Adaptive Radial Basis Function Equalizer", Zahid Ghadialy and U. B. Desai, National Conference on Communications, pp. 184-191, Jan 99., IIT Kharagpur, India.

Other Interests

Learning more about emerging technologies, Coin and Banknotes collection, gardening, current affairs, etc.


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