Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) covers everything from Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to Network (V2N), Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) and even Pedestrian to Network (P2N)

3GPP Technical Specifications (TS) and Reports (TR) related to V2X

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Introduction


Qualcomm: How NR based sidelink expands 5G C-V2X to support new advanced use cases, March 2020 (Blog, Presentation, Webinar)

NTT Docomo Initiatives for the Connected Car Era, April 2020

GSMA: Spectrum for Intelligent Transport Systems, Oct 2017

Nomor Research: Comparison of V2X based on 802.11p, LTE and 5G, May 2019

NGMN Alliance: V2X White Paper, June 2018

5G Americas: Cellular V2X Communications Towards 5G, March 2018

5G Americas: V2X Cellular Solutions, October 2016

Heterogeneous V2X Networks for Connected and Automated Vehicles, IEEE 5G Summit Pretoria, May 2019

arXiV: IEEE 802.11bd & 5G NR V2X, Mar 2019

5GAA Whitepaper: C-V2X Use Cases Methodology, Examples and Service Level Requirements, July 2019


Qualcomm: How NR-based sidelink expands 5G C-V2X to support new advanced use cases, Mar 2020

The 3G4G Blog: 3GPP Sidelink and its proposed extensions, Oct 2017


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