Life in the United Kingdom Citizenship Test
Questions & Answers

Zahid Ghadialy
March 2006


From November 2005, all people applying for British Citizenship have to go through 'Life in the United Kingdom' test to demonstrate ability to communicate in English and to prove their basic knowledge of history, traditions and customs of UK.

The test consists of 24 questions and you are required to answer atleast 18 correctly to pass the test. The time allocated is 45 minutes but all the people i know took less than 5 minutes to answer the questions.

On this site we have collected more than 100 questions and answers that will help you prepare for the test. Generally it is enough to revise questions and answers from this site to pass the test but we will advise you to buy ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship’ book.

Please note that the test fees is £34.00 so better be prepared before you go for the test. You can prepare for the test by studying chapters 2, 3 and 4 of ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship’ available from The Stationery Office or from bookshops across the UK (priced at £9.99).

Question & Answer set 1: Migration
Question & Answer set 2: Role of Women
Question & Answer set 3: Children, Family & Young people
Question & Answer set 4: Health Hazards
Question & Answer set 5: Young people’s attitudes and action
Question & Answer set 6: Population
Question & Answer set 7: Religions
Question & Answer set 8: Regions and Accents
Question & Answer set 9: National Days and Holidays
Question & Answer set 10: The working system and Constitution
Question & Answer set 11: Formal Institutions
Question & Answer set 12: Parliaments and Assemblies
Question & Answer set 13: Britain in Europe and World
Question & Answer set 14: Voting and Participation

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