UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) / Generic Access Network (GAN)

UMA, a 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program) standard, is an access technology that allows seamless handover of mobile voice and data from a cellular network to a wireless local area network (WLAN/WiFi). The UMA standard defines how mobile operators can turn home, office and public WLANs into seamless extensions of their cellular networks. With UMA, operators can deliver voice and data services to subscribers over the WiFi access networks, dramatically increasing mobile service usage while decreasing costs of network deployment.

UMA - Another Step Closer Towards Technological convergence

An Introduction to UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology

UMA Overview


The Role of UMA in Network Evolution

09/10/06 T-Mobile to launch next-generation phone
02/09/06 Kineto and Cisco complete testing of security gateway for UMA service deployment
29/09/06 BT & T-Mobile: No Convergence
29/09/06 Cingular's Got Big FMC Plans
27/09/06 Website to promote UMA technology
25/09/06 Wi-Fi finally discovers its voice
04/09/06 Nokia and SingTel Combine 3G and WLAN
01/09/06 Nokia and SingTel to launch WLAN-3G calls
29/08/06 Kineto announces UMA support for 3G/UMTS handsets
11/08/06 T-Mobile: UMA 'Round the Corner?
27/07/06 Nokia's first public UMA pilot over WLAN gets underway in Oulu, Finland
18/07/06 Samsung Announces UMA Mobile Phone SGH-P200
18/07/06 SAMSUNG Launches the Unlicensed Mobile Access Phone
13/02/06 Nokia Introduces UMA enabled Nokia 6136 handset as GSM and WLAN come together
13/02/06 Nokia expands the scope of mobility, with the first Nokia UMA network solution
01/12/05 Ericsson Scores SunCom Deal
30/11/05 Interest in UMA Handsets Sparked
25/11/05 TeliaSonera Denmark Running Live Market Trial of 3GPP Compliant UMA Solution
24/11/05 Successful pilot test of integrating mobile and IP telephony in Denmark
01/11/05 Nokia moves Convergence milestone forward with UMA Voice and Data calls
07/06/05 Alcatel launches new UMA solution
07/06/05 Nokia supplies advanced Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions to Saunalahti in Finland


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