Open RAN, OpenRAN and O-RAN

Video Explainer: What is Open RAN?

iGR - Open RAN Integration: Run With It - April 2020 [PDF]

The 3G4G Blog entries on Open RAN

Telecoms Infrastructure Blog entries on Open RAN


Heavy Reading - TIP OpenRAN: Toward Disaggregated Mobile Networking - June 2020 [PDF]

Analysys Mason: Open, disaggregated networks will transform MNOsí 5G business cases - May 2020 [PDF]

iGR - Open RAN Integration: Run With It - April 2020 [PDF]

7 Principles of AT&Tís Network Transformation [PDF]

Samsung: Overcoming Challenges of Multi-Vendor Open RAN - Feb 2020 [PDF]

Samsung: Virtualized RAN Challenges Debunked - Feb 2020 [PDF]

451 Research: Open RAN Transitions for Established Providers - Dec 2019 [PDF]

Cisco: Reimagining the End-to-End Mobile Network in the 5G Era - July 2019 [PDF]

Telefůnica Open Access and Edge Computing - Feb 2019 [PDF]

5G Americas: The Status of Open Source for 5G - Feb 2019 [PDF]


June 2020: Who disaggregated my RAN? - Ganesh Shenbagaraman, VP of Engineering, Radisys

June 2020: Do open network trends portend a coming technological split? - Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief, RCR Wireless

May 2020: How Nokia views the open and virtual RAN, The Mobile Network

May 2020: Operators pin next-gen network plans on disaggregation, finds survey, Telecom TV

May 2020: The outlook for 5G open vRAN - Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Mobile Networks & 5G, Heavy Reading

May 2020: FAQ: How Can Open RAN Drive Efficiency, Enable Agility and Enhance 5G Adoption? - Obinna Egonu, Syed Jafri and Yohannes Tafesse, WWT

May 2020 - Webinar: How Open RANís Future-Proof Architecture Creates a Streamlined Path to 5G

Oct 2019 - Open RAN: from specifications to trials, TIM



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