Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edited by Zahid Ghadialy

Last Updated: 11/01/2011

Radio Frequency (RF) and Spectrum
Why is EUTRA Band 6 no longer applicable from Release-9?
Why is the UL and DL reversed in LTE Band 13?
What is the difference in case LTE is used in 800MHz band or 2600MHz band.
To deliver 100Mbit/s to the end user, how much bandwidth is needed in LTE spectrum? And which spectrum band should be used?
Do we need LTE scanners for scanning of LTE or are spectrum analyzers enough?

MIMO and Antennas
How does UE PA linearity limit the 'real' U/L datarate?

Physical Layer
How is the 6 ms length of measurement gap enough for identification of an UMTS cell?

Voice Issues
Is there some issue with Voice in LTE Release-8?

IPv6 and IPv4
LTE and IPv6



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