Wireless Intelligent Networking

Gerry Christensen, Paul G. Florack and Robert Duncan

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This is one of the very well written books on Application of Intelligent Networking (IN) in wireless systems. Starting from introduction of SS7 systems, it highlights the limitations with these systems and how they were overcome. It explains about WIN (IN standard for ANSI 41) and CAMEL (IN standard for GSM) and the implementation and operational issues related to them.

There are couple of chapters devoted to business aspects of Intelligent Networking. What kinds of services do end users require and how IN can help in those areas. Is there a demand for these Value Added services? Is the market ready for them? Many other similar kind of issues are covered in these chapters.

Finally couple of chapters explain about the advanced IN services and how the network capabilities improve because of these IN services.

Equal amount of space has been given to the American standards (ANSI 41) and European standards (GSM). Though i must say that there is much more in-depth coverage for the American standards. 3G wasn't ready when this book was written, but still it does give very good idea about how IN would work in 3G systems. There is though a small section about 3G/WCDMA.

This book is very valuable for anyone wishing to learn about Intelligent Network (IN) operations whether they are technical minded or business minded.

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