3G, 4G, 5G & 6G Books Review

5G Radio Access Network Architecture: The Dark Side of 5G by Sasha Sirotkin (Editor)

Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks by Y.Jay Guo

WCDMA for UMTS: Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications by Harri Holma

IP for 3G by D.Wisely, P.Eardley and L.Burness

Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications by Juha Korhonen

Wireless Intelligent Networking by Christensen, Florack and Duncan

Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks by J Bannister et al

Services for UMTS: Creating Killer Applications in 3G by Tomi Ahonen et al

Advanced Wireless Communications: 4g Technologies by Savo G. Glisic


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