5G Health & Safety


The IET: Allaying health concerns regarding 5G and exposure to radio waves

Apis Training - 5G Dangers: Myth or Science?

Moniem-Tech: Is there a relation between 5G and COVID-19?

Grandmetric Blog: Is this anything to worry about? 5G health issues explained

WIA: 5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus

Shelly Palmer: Does 5G Cause Cancer?

Rootmetrics - 5G and your health: Misconceptions, realities, and benefits

UK Government reponse on enquiry into the health and safety risks of 5G

WHO: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Public Health

WHO: Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields: A public health perspective

Jmcomms: Cutting through the nonsense of the crazy 5G conspiracy theories

Ericsson: Radio waves and health

GSMA: 5G, EMF Exposure and Safety

ICNIRP Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 khz to 300 ghz)

iBwave: EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks: A Closer Look at Emission Limits & Safe Distances


13 May 2020: The Truth is Out There: Examining the Science Around 5G Paranoia - IEEE CTN

01 May 2020: Why the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is false – video explainer - The Guardian

24 Apr 2020: Revealed: 'former Vodafone executive' in 5G conspiracy video is UK pastor - The Guardian

21 Apr 2020: 5G conspiracy theories; what they are, why they are wrong and what can be done - Telecoms.com

17 Apr 2020: Clearing up the myths around 5G and the coronavirus - Ofcom

08 Apr 2020: No, 5G Radiation Doesn't Spread The Coronavirus. Here's How We Know - Science Alert

07 Apr 2020: How false claims about 5G health risks spread into the mainstream - The Guardian

06 Apr 2020: How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory tore through the internet - Wired

04 Apr 2020: 5G alleged health effects and COVID-19 - UK5G

12 Mar 2020: 5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog ICNIRP - The Guardian

11 Mar 2020: RF EMF Guidelines 2020 - ICNIRP

24 Feb 2020: Ofcom tests 5G radiation at 16 UK sites, identifies no health risk - RCR Wireless

26 Jul 2019: How baseless fears over 5G rollout created a health scare - The Guardian

12 Jul 2019: 5G and Electromagnetic energy (EME) - The 3G4G Blog

13 Mar 2019: Should we be worried about radiation from 5G networks? - RTE

21 Jul 2018: Mobile phones and cancer – the full picture - The Guardian


Apis Training Webinar - 5G Dangers: Myth or Science?

Cnet: Can 5G radiation make you sick? What we found.

5GRS Dallas Dangers - 5G and Cancer, Chetan Sharma

Debunking the 5G conspiracy theory


Swisscom, Switzerland: Mobile telephony and health

Telstra Australia: Mobile phones and health

Telstra Autralia: Mobiles & Health Video Playlist

Vodafone, UK: Is 5G safe?

Sunrise, Switzerland: 5G Mobile Technology Fact Check

Vodafone UK: 5G and health: Everything you need to know


Radiation Hazards, A Dabbler’s Perspective by Jess H. Brewer

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart by Rory Cellan-Jones

3G will boost cancer - Old article on Twitter

Radiation Doses from various sources via XKCD

Anti-Electricity cartoon from 1900 via Dean Bubley


5G Spectrum - Long Version

Non millimeter Wave (mmWave) 5G

Radio Frequency, Band and Spectrum for Beginners

Opinion: 5G and the Sun - Is 5G Dangerous?



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