Links on 4G Mobile/Wireless


FAQ on 4G Wireless - Zahid Ghadialy

4G Features

Convergence paving a path towards 4G - Dr. Ramjee Prasad

4G - Beyond 2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks

Beyond 3G: Fourth Generation Wireless Network - Agora Systems S.A.

A Business Model for fourh generation wireless network

Mobility Management in 4G Wireless Systems

4G Wireless Communications - Euro Technology, Japan

4G - Wikipedia


Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN)

China's Beyond 3G Project

Wireless CoRe Project (China)

FuTURE Mobile Communications Forum


4G Papers from MAGNET group

Issues in Emerging 4G wireless networks

Challenges in the Migration to 4G Mobile Systems

IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit 2004

IEEE Personal Communications - Special Edition on 4G Wireless

A Vision and Roadmap for NTT DoCoMo's Advance from 3G to 4G

Swiss fedral institute of Technology Mobile Radio Group Reserach Publications

OFDM White Papers - ZD Net


Research Directions for Fourth Generation Wireless

European R&D on Fourth-Generation Mobile and Wireless IP Networks

4th-Generation Wireless Infrastructures: Scenarios and Research Challenges

Roke Manor Research - Fourth Generation Communication Systems

Towards a 4G IP-basedWireless System Proposal

4G Mobile Systems - University of Cmabridge

Swiss fedral institute of Technology Mobile Radio Group Reserach topics

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