5G (IMT-2020) Wireless

The 3G4G Blog entries on 5G

3G4G Small Cells Blog entries on 5G


3GPP 5G Standards

5G Services and Use Cases - 5G Americas, Nov 2017

5G Mobile Communications Systems for 2020 and beyond - 5GMF, Sep 2017 [Cached]

LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation - 5G Americas, Aug 2017

The 5G era: Age of boundless connectivity and intelligent automation - GSMA, Feb 2017

5G: A 2020 Vision - Feb. 2015

5G: Your Questions Answered - Sep. 2013


Service-Based Architecture for 5G Core Networks - Heavy Reading, Nov 2017


3GPP Network Slicing - Georg Mayer, 3GPP CT Chairman, Huawei, July 2017


High-level architecture of Mobile Cellular Networks from 2G to 5G

Why is 5G called 5G?

5G Numerology

5G Terminology

5G Network Architecture Options

5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

5G Technologies: Millimeter Waves Explained

5G Technologies: Beamforming Explained

5G Technologies: Massive MIMO Explained

5G Technology: Full Duplex Explained

5G Network Architecture and Design Update - Prof. Andy Sutton, Jan 2018

5G Network Architecture and Design Update - Prof. Andy Sutton, Jan 2017

How will wireless 5G technology handle 1000 times more data? - Emil Björnson

Massive MIMO for 5G: How Big Can it Get? - Emil Björnson

Rohde & Schwarz webinar: Numerology and Initial Access Concept for 5G NR


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